About Alphacrit

Alphacrit is an initiative of the Alphabettes, a loose network of women devoted to supporting and promoting the work of all women in the fields of typography, lettering, and type design.

We started in early 2018, believing that an outside perspective on your type or lettering work could be a critical catalyst for growth. But, it isn’t always easy to come by depending on where you live, your finances, or even your willingness to bug people. So, we created a virtual space where we could talk about work and pass down women’s expertise to their peers and future peers without significant access barriers. The early Alphacrits were private to remove pressure from the external world that might fall on the participants. The requests to open the crits up to a broader audience grew, though, so we embraced livestreaming. The goal is to share more and disperse our talented experts knowledge even further.

Why else do we hold the crits? To...

  • Make connections between people
  • Present women as experts and professionals
  • Shine a light on the amazing talent in type and lettering
  • Spread and share our community's acquired knowledge
  • Encourage growth and excellence

All of this is done by volunteers, who send out emails between custom jobs or write Alphacrit mission statements while their kids are playing video games. Thank you to everyone one who has donated their time and effort to make Alphacrit go. And thank you to all former and future Alphacrit participants for sharing their work and ambition. We do this for you!

Nicole Dotin
Alphacrit founder

Our team

Nicole Dotin

Founder, Organizer

Sol Matas


Luisa Baeta

Co-founder emeritus

Tanya Maria George


Vitória Neves


Tânia Raposo


Tamye Riggs


Lila Symons