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Cyla Costa &
Yani Arabena

Friday, April 23 @ 14:00 Buenos Aires (Convert)

Every two months or so, we host a virtual get together where two experts from the fields of type design or lettering offer constructive feedback on up-and-coming works. Anyone can apply to have their work reviewed but only four are chosen, mostly at random. Alphacrit is livestreamed so you can join the party and deep dive into the world of lettering or type.

The experts

Photo of Cyla Costa

Cyla Costa

Cyla Costa is a graphic designer and lettering artist working with all kinds of projects in which letters play a fundamental role, especially branding, book covers, murals and editorial design. Her studio is divided between Curitiba and its itinerant version, painting murals or participating in design and typography events in other parts of the world. Her work has been awarded and published several times and is known for its quality and versatility of visual languages.

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Photo of Yani Arabena

Yani Arabena

Yani Arabena, is an art director and type designer based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She is the co-founder of Yani&Guille, a studio specializing in type design, identity, illustration and lettering, working with clients worldwide like Apple, Fox Channel, Microsoft, Penguin Random House, among others. The studio earned awards from the ADC and TDC in New York, Tipos Latinos Biennale in Latin America, and the LAD Awards in Perú. Also selected works have been published in specialized books, magazines and blogs from the design world, such as Novum, PAGE, AIGA Eye on Design, and The Design Kids. Yani’s notorious interest in Calligraphy applied to Graphic Design –along with the development of a calligraphic style of her own–, lead her to relate with design in a different way, also applying these resources in typographic projects like “Abelina Pro”, “Quotes” and “Envelove”, which are part of Sudtipos’ catalog.

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The details

What to expect

Join us for a special edition of Alphacrit where we look at script typefaces. Four people will present their in-progress script typeface, each receiving approximately 10 minutes of feedback. The entire session will last about an hour. Participants will have the benefit of sitting in on the other critiques as well. To keep it focused, we suggest presenting either a single weight of a typeface or come prepared with a specific question about a multi-weight family. Specimens need to be ready a couple of days before the session so plan ahead!

Who can apply?

Everyone, of any skill level, ’Bettes or not. The four spots will be drawn lottery style however preference may be given to those who haven’t participated before and members of underrepresented groups. That includes, but is not limited to, individuals who identify as a woman, Black, indigenous, a person of color, a person with a disability, or LGBTQ+.

The application process

Simply fill out this form. It’s pretty basic. There is no cost to apply or any fees if you are chosen to participate.

Applications are due April 11, 2021

How can I watch the crit?

As the date of the crit gets closer, the livestream link will be posted here and on the Alphabettes social media channels. The crits aren’t recorded so you’ll need to catch it live.